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The Health Care Plan For Obama Care - 926 Words

The topics of health care and health care reform are two of the most highly debated topics in today s society. At the center of the health care crisis is The Obama Care Plan. It is important to note that Obama Care is the unofficial name for this plan, the official name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This plan is a health care plan that is aimed at reforming the American health care system. The main focus of the Obama Care Plan is to regulate the health insurance industry while at the same time reduce spending within the health care industry. To begin with, Obama Care was signed into law on March 23, 2010. The primary goal of this health care reform plan was to make it possible to provide health care to all United States citizens. Currently, there are about 44 million Americans that are unable to get health insurance. One of the major elements of Obama Care was that this plan expanded Medicaid and Medicare, there by being able to offer health insurance to a larger sector of citizens. The next part of Obama Care is that is provides assistance to Americans that are unable to afford health care. Another main element of this plan is that it provided for better preventive and wellness services. The reasoning behind this is that if individuals are able to have regular preventive services then not only are illnesses able to be diagnosed quicker, the rate of recovery is better, and as such, expenses are lower. Obama Care also increases a person sShow MoreRelatedObama Care : The Health Plan1766 Words   |  8 PagesObama care Many people wants to know why health care is so important. People do not plan on getting hurt or even sick but life those type of things happen unfortunately. I feel like people should and need medical care health insurance at some time in their life. Having health care insurance help to pay for cost and even offers many benefits that most Americans people would need. People who do not have health insurance will pay and or even spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on medical billsRead MoreBarack Obama s Health Care Plan1842 Words   |  8 PagesBarack Obama is one of the most argued about presidents in our nation’s history. In almost all decisions he makes, in the aftermath, there appears to be two sides that rise up; one side whom support his decisions and one side that disapproves of his logic. To be honest, Barack Obama has made mistake upon mistake. â€Å"He has gradually failed so far in doing what presidents must do which is to lead the nation emotionally as wel l as rationally† (P2) One of the mistakes Obama has made, is his health planRead MoreHealth Insurance : The Affordable Care Act1472 Words   |  6 PagesWhat Is Health Care? Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that covers the cost of an insured individual’s medical and surgical expenses. The â€Å"provider† is a clinic, hospital, doctor, laboratory, health care practitioner, or pharmacy. The â€Å"insured† is the owner of the health insurance policy; the person with the health insurance coverage. What Is Obama Care? The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act were signed by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The affordable care act alsoRead MoreThe United States And Health Care1159 Words   |  5 Pagesuniversal health care plan but the politicians of the day would never allow the federal government that type of power and control. At his time in American history healthcare was thought to be a personal issue or at least an issue that would be left to the states or even smaller government agencies. After World War II many politicians tried and failed to pass a national healthcare plan until Obama Care was passed and forced on the people of the United States. The reality is that Obama care is not evenRead MoreObama Care : A Plan1364 Words   |  6 Pages Obama care is a plan introduced in the US with the aim of reforming the existing health sector. The introduction of the plan was in the form of a bill that was later signed into law in 2010 by President Obama (Manchikanti Hirsch, 2009 ). Also, Obama care is referred to as Affordable Care Act (Manchikanti Hirsch, 2009). The act aims at introducing reforms in the American Health care system offered to the citizens. The Act provides Affordable Quality Insurance to the American citizens so as toRead MorePredient Obama Destroying the Middle Class931 Words   |  4 PagesPresident Barack Obama has been written into the history books for becoming the first African American president of the United States. The president plans on changing history again by bringing universal health care into the United States, which has won him much popularity among Democratic voters. His fans adore his speeches but raise many red flags for the majority of America. Major concerns Americans have with President Obama’s two proposed health-care bills are that health-care options will noRead MoreObama Care : The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act1192 Words   |  5 PagesObama care is the result of the Patient Protection an d Affordable Care Act that was passed in to law by President Barrack Obama in March of 2010. The act reconstructs how coverage is provided and delivered to Americans. Now the question is whether Obama care is beneficial to the U.S economy or not. Those in favor of Obama care would argue that a larger amount of Americans are now insured. The opposing side would disagree and say health insurance in America is ineffective in providing affordable healthRead MoreGeneral Motive Behind The Plan Is Not A Bad One1719 Words   |  7 Pages To be truthful, Obamas general motive behind the plan is not a bad one. He wanted to assist those who could not afford Obamacare and lower the prices and find a safe way to make it available to everyone. Obama did not consider quite a few variables in the planning phase of this project. For one, While Obama is all for studying which medical procedures are worthwhile for patients; he does not think to include doctors in these government conversations. He is not completely gripping onto the fact theRead MoreThe Affordable Care Act : Reducing Competition885 Words   |  4 PagesAffordable Care Act Is Reducing Competition The Affordable Care Act was created to assure all Americans have access to affordable insurance, but as stated by Sir Isaac Newton for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. As more and more people become insured in this country, the for-profit insurance companies are reaping the benefits from the legislation of the Affordable Care Act. The creators of the Affordable Care Act inexcusably anticipated that new kinds of health plans, designedRead MoreThe Federal Government Is Responsible For Providing Health Care For All American People971 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican have been struggling with a broken health care system for the last twenty-six years. Currently, many American do not have health care. The federal government is responsible for providing health care for all American people. Therefore, the government came up with Medicare and Obama Care. addition, private corporation came up with health insurance plans. A health care system that does not provide healthcare to the majority of sickening American is consider broken because it fails in it purposes

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Epic of Beowulf Essay - 996 Words

Beowulf The epic poem Beowulf is a story of heroes and monsters, good and evil. The poem tells about the accomplishments and deeds of a legendary Geatish hero who first rids the Danish kingdom of Hrothgar of two demonic monsters: Grendel and Grendels mother. Later in the story, Beowulf meets a dragon, kills it with the help of Wiglaf, but dies of wounds. No one knows who wrote Beowulf. It was not really written in the way that literature is written now. It is an epic poem, meant to be spoken aloud, very few of them were ever written down, and very few of them survived into modern times. Known as the first poem of the English literature, Beowulf is the major literary monument of Old English literature and of Anglo-Saxon†¦show more content†¦Wiglaf: The bravest of Beowulfs warriors and the one that helps defeat the Dragon. Beowulf leaves him the kingdom of the Geats, since he has no son of his own. Wiglaf is very loyal to Beowulf. Beowulfs Death (pages 61-63 of The Norton Anthology) The dragon advances, and Beowulf finds his iron shield less protection than he thought against the dragons flames. Nevertheless, he strikes the dragon with his sword. Angered by the blow, the dragon ejects even more fire, and Beowulf is forced to step back. At this point all of Beowulfs companions (except Wiglaf) flee to the woods. The dragon bytes Beowulf on the neck with his huge, poisonous fangs. As Beowulf bleeds all over the cave, Wiglaf finds the dragons weak spot on its neck and hits it with his sword. Beowulf manages to stab the dragon with a sharp knife from his vest. Both, the dragon and Beowulf, fall. Wiglaf patches his Kings wounds, and Beowulf speaks to him. He knows he is about to die. Beowulf says he has no son to whom to leave his armor, but he is glad that he held the throne for fifty years and protected his people. He rejoices that he has not indulged in plots or sworn false oaths and that the Lord will have no occasion to accuse him of the slaughter of kinsmen. He asks Wiglaf to build a great burial for him and to take a good care of his people. He says that although he is dying, he is glad to give his people the gold that was found in dragons place. I thank God thatShow MoreRelatedBeowulf : The Epic Of Beowulf1027 Words   |  5 Pages To begin, Beowulf the poem has a unknown author, Beowulf is an epic poem. In Beowulf he is challenged by the murderous monster Grendel, Grendel is eating and slaughtering Hrothgar the King of the Danes men and people, the king needs Beowulf s help in defeating Grendel, Beowulf ends up killing the monster and is now tormented by the monster s mother that is much larger, she is no match for Beowulf and he kills her as well, lastly it is Beowulf’s last battle after he has been king of Geatland forRead MoreThe Epic Of Beowulf By Beowulf2577 Words   |  11 Pagesoriginal aspects of these different religions. Due to the construction of this Beowulf, students and professors are able to study and get a true understanding of a pagans’ demeanor and how life evolves through their eyes. Throughout the epic poem Beowulf, paganism is exemplified as this epic hero falls victim to fate while emba rking on his journey through life fighting monsters and chasing after his fame. To begin with, Beowulf was composed in Old English by an anonymous writer between the sixth and seventhRead MoreThe Epic of Beowulf733 Words   |  3 PagesBeowulf is the oldest anglo-saxon poem written in English. The poem describes the heroic deeds of Beowulf in his fight against monsters. Even if the events narrated in the poem take place in Denmark, the poem was transmitted by oral language between the anglo-saxon even 200 years after its creation. Anglo-saxons did not consider themselves british, but vikings, and their heroes were always from Scandinavia. The author of Beowulf is anonymous. The original poem was written on sheep tanned leatherRead MoreBeowulf as Epic823 Words   |  4 PagesWhat makes an epic? Is Beowulf an epic? ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · What is an epic poem, and how does it differ from other kinds of poetry or storytelling? How have epic poems traditionally been transmitted from generation to generation? How do tellers remember these long and complicated stories? According to Robert Harris’s Glossary of Literary Terms, he defines an epic as the following: Epic. An extended narrative poem recounting actions, travels, adventures, and heroic episodes and written in a high style (withRead More Epic of Beowulf Essay - Beowulf as Epic Hero844 Words   |  4 PagesBeowulf as Epic Hero Epic heroes usually exemplify the character traits most admired in their societies, and Beowulf is no exception.   Beowulf is set in the Anglo-Saxon society, a time when war was rampant among the many peoples trying to take over the different kingdoms of England.   In this dangerous, violent time people lived in constant peril and jeopardy.   These conditions only allowed people of great bravery to survive and men of outstanding courage were admired the populous.   TheseRead MoreThe Epic Of Beowulf As An Epic Hero1519 Words   |  7 Pageswhisked away following a journey, you have most likely read an epic. An epic by definition is â€Å"a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation†. Every epic has a main character that undergoes the same archetypal journey as all other heroes, an epic hero. There are specific qualities one must have to be considered an epic hero. Each epic hero possesses superhuman strength, displays a strong senseRead MoreComparing Beowulf And The Epic Of Beowulf937 Words   |  4 Pagesthe Roman Empire. In the story Beowulf, his actions portray him, indeed be an epic hero. Both Christianity and Paganism are both portrayed throughout the epic Beowulf. Beowulf frequently speaks of God throughout the story, while there are also many Pagan elements that are evident throughout the story as well. In addition, It s hard to ignore the Christian and Pagan elements in Beowulf. These types of elements are what define the heroic warrior in the epic Beowulf(Vengeance the Pagan and ChristianRead MoreThe Epic Of Beowulf As An Epic Hero711 Words   |  3 Pagesthan the writer. These â€Å"epic heros† are protagonists that fulfill their potential of greatness through using their bravery, strength and humility for good. The near ancient tale of Beowulf is a classic example of an epic story that contains an epic hero. In this tale Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, has been terrorized by a beast known as Grendel. This beast has been murdering the king’s people and no one has come close to stopping this killer. A Geat warrior named Beowulf hears of the King’s predicamentRead MoreThe Epic : An Analysis Of The Epic Of Beowulf701 Words   |  3 PagesBeowulf is one of the longest surviving Anglo-Saxon poem. The epic takes place in the sixth century in what is now Denmark and Sweden. The poem opens with Hrothgar, whose successful rule is signified by a glorious mead-hall called Heorot. For 12 years, a massive man-like ogre named Grendel, a descendant of Cain, has raided Heorot and killed the kings warriors. Beowulf, a young warrior from Geatland (Sweden), comes to Hrothgar’s aid, bringing 14 of his best men with him. At a feast before the endRead MoreBeowulf : An Epic Hero930 Words   |  4 Pages The story of Beowulf shows its reader many characteristics of why this Anglo-Saxon poem is an epic. First of all, Beowulf is a warrior of epic renown by the time he formally introduces himself in the poem. Next, Beowulf is the warrior that many strive to be in life. In addition, Beowulf finds himself tackling many quests that involve dangerous beasts, or as he might call them, demons. The next quality shown by Beowulf is his bravery and honor. The reader is able to easily identify this characteristic

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The Transportation Security Administration and Airport...

Airport security is extremely essential for stopping terrorism in the United States. Bombings and explosions account for 65% of terrorist attacks, armed assaults account for 25% of terrorist attacks, the last 10% accounts for assassination facility attacks and hostage takings. Today the Transportation Security Administration, also know as the TSA, has four to five thousand employees working every day to keep airports safe from a terrorist attack happening. New technology has made airports safer for travelers, nevertheless not all travelers think it is necessary. Some travelers complain that because of the new security systems in the baggage checks and body scanners it takes too long to get to the flight. These passengers do not understand†¦show more content†¦The Transportation Security Administration employees make sure travelers are not boarding planes with weapons, bombs and prohibited items. Before the Transportation Security Administration was established in 2001 there were many terrorist attacks around the world. The first terrorist attack aboard a plane was in 1933 (Airport, 2013). There still are terrorist attacks happening today for instance the underwear bombing on the Northwest flight 253 to Detroit on Christmas Day in 2009, and the shoe bombing in the fall of 2008. Another example demonstrating that since 2001 terrorist attacks have become less frequent is in the 1960s there was a wave of high-profile airline hijacking which then prompted the airline industry to tighten security (Airpory, 2013). This is an exceptional example because nothing has happened like that since the 1960s (Shane, 2013). Even though the airline industry made some adjustments, it was not enough to protect passengers like the Transportation Security Administration protects them now. Today the Transportation Security Administration has advanced airport technology with bottle liquid scanners, an explosive detection system and baggage security. In response to an underwear bombing the Transportation Security Administration instituted more rigorous passenger screening methods (Liberman,Show MoreRelated Airport Security and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)2719 Words   |  11 Pagesimportance of airport security has steadily increased. Since the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, many changes have taken place at airports to prevent such an attack from occurring again. The purpose of this paper is to: outline airport security procedures, discuss the different technologies involved with airport security, as well as examine the components of airport security. In addition I will also discuss the Transportation Security Administration’s role in our nation’s airport security. AirportRead MoreThe Transportation Security Administration Is An Integral Part Of Airports3306 Words   |  14 Pagesour time, the Transportation Security Administration is an integral part of airports in the United States. One cannot simply travel on a plane without going through the metal detectors or being instructed to take off his or her shoes to check for bombs. Many travelers regard the TSA to be a hassle, as it adds hours into the process of boarding a flight. Some treat it as a necessary evil; they believe that the presence of the TSA is needed to offset the vulnerable state of airports. However, the needRead MoreA Method of Terrorist Prevention Essay examples1085 Words   |  5 Pagesfor freedom and security to protect it. September 11, 2001, was a day when over three thousand people lost their lives due to targeted attacks (â€Å"US Government†). An attack on an area with a significant purpose such as the World Trade Center invades the minds and hearts of the coun try’s residents and changes its methods of functioning in the future. In an airport, several people venture in and out without a single person knowing who they are or their intentions. The administration vigorously discussedRead MoreThe United States Aviation Security888 Words   |  4 Pagesof terrorist who were able to infiltrate our security system from all angles. It was a very tragic event for the U.S, when terrorist attacked two landmarks in New York City, a densely populated area. Although this terrorist attack was very unfortunate, it was also the largest infiltration of the United States Aviation system through multiple breaches of aviation security. Immediately after the attack many changes were made to aircrafts and the airport system. This Day brought America to its kneesRead MoreEssay on The Heightening of Airport Security after September 11th797 Words   |  4 PagesThe Heightening of Airport Security after September 11th Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary measures. The terrorist attacks on America on September 11, 2001 required that we reform our nation’s aviation security system in fundamental ways. Three years after the Sept. 11 tragedies, how far has airport and airlines come? It depends on the source. While it is important for airports to heighten security after the attacks of 9/11, the policies of profiling passengers are inadequate andRead MoreThe National Transportation Safety Board767 Words   |  4 Pagesproviding air transportation for the United State mail. According to Airport Planning and Management, Civil Aeronautics Board or Civil Aeronautics Administration was formed to regulate air carrier industry and safety. Later Civil Aviation Board was transformed into Federal Aviation Agency. It had all the functions of Civil Aeronautics Board except the safety rule-making powers. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) was formed in order to determine the cause or probable cause of transportation accidentsRead MoreThe Airport Full Body Scanners Essay 937 Words   |  4 Pages Before the attacks on September 11, 2001, there was hardly any security in airports throughout the United States. However, airports went from hardly any security to full-body scanners. According to the article Airport Full-Body Scanners, President Obama stated in a press conference on January 7, 2010 after a bombing on December 25, 2009 by Nigerian passenger Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, â€Å"Rather than a failure to collect or share intelligence, this was a failure to connect and understand the intelligenceRead MoreWhy We Need The TSA Essay1341 Words   |  6 Pagesof Homeland security was founded and within the department fell a new agency known as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The TSA was instructed to secure all modes of transportation and they committee was instructed that they wanted to see result soon. Additionally the Aviation and Transportation Security Act required the screening of passengers, cargo and luggage for explosive s as the primary priority. Even though the TSA is charged with the transportation security the primaryRead MoreAirline Safety Bill 2001 Essay1329 Words   |  6 Pages private security firms, various labor groups, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Transportation (DOT), Congress, The World Conference on Transportation Research Society (WCTRS) and the American people. Business Sector The business sector plays a major role in our domestic airline safety policies. This particular sector covers the commercial airline industry itself, the manufacturing industry and the private security firms thatRead MoreTsa And Transportation Security Administration916 Words   |  4 PagesStates established a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and heighten its security throughout the transportation system, which were designed to prevent similar attacks in the future. This research paper will discuss the history of the TSA and what it does, how TSA improve aviation security, and the cargo screening process. This paper will conclude an overall debrief of my discussion about the TSA and transportation security. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was establish

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Criminal Profiling And Racial Profiling - 1373 Words

Criminal Profiling and Racial Profiling. Criminal profiling has been around since the 1880’s, and up to this day, that method still has not had a great success rate. Also, racial profiling has not had a great success rate either through the years. At times, innocent people get detained and charged with crimes that they never committed due to matching the characteristics of other suspects. In other words, creating assumptions that will narrow down a suspect is just not the best method to utilize, especially when an innocent individual might be at risk of being incarcerated. The website Forensic Psychology defines criminal profiling as, â€Å"the process of identifying behavioral tendencies, personality traits, geographic location, and demographic or biographic descriptors of an offender based on the characteristics of a particular crime† (Bartol and Bartol 1). With this approach, detectives try to narrow down the field of possible suspects that might have committed the c rime. It is way easier to investigate one-hundred people that match those predictions than to investigate thousands of other people. In addition to that, they also state that profiling can rarely point to the particular person who committed the crime (Bartol 1). Even though it is not very accurate, in today’s world, it is still being utilized. Malcolm Gladwell well, a very well-known author and the author of What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures, states in the article of Dangerous minds that â€Å"In theShow MoreRelatedRacial Profiling And Criminal Profiling Essay1538 Words   |  7 Pages Racial Profiling Vs Criminal Profiling Camilo Paez Briarcliffe College Professor Keirnan 11/13/2016 â€Æ' Executive summary Racial Profiling is a big problem is society. Over time you become biased of certain groups which is good and bad. Criminal profiling helps keep the bad guys off the streets. This maybe be also linked with being racist according to the people stopped by police. As a police officer you never win because no one wants to go to jail. It is very hard to â€Æ' Racial ProfilingRead MoreRacial Profiling And The Criminal Justice System1204 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract Racial profiling is a major issue in American society. Its existence threatens every minority citizen of this country. Racial profiling is not fair and not effective because it relies on stereotypes and encourages discrimination. Examining cases that have occurred in the past and most recently help us fully understand this issue. Many studies and reports of racial profiling involve excessive use of force, police brutality, imposition of death penalty, traffic stops, stop and frisk issuesRead MoreRacial Profiling And The Criminal Justice System1582 Words   |  7 PagesRacial disparity in the Criminal Justice system has been a issue of discussion in our law enforcement for years. Statistics say the likelihood of imprisonment in a lifetime is 1 in 3 black men, 1 in 6 Latino men and 1 in 17 white men. (Bonczar2003) The search and seizure 4th amendment was passed in 1789 which was supposed to protect all persons of unreasonable searches, etc. In 1944 Gunner Myrdal wrote â€Å"itâ€℠¢s part of a policeman’s philosophy that Negro criminals or suspects that show any sign of insubordinationRead MoreRacial Profiling And The Criminal Justice System1004 Words   |  5 Pagesbe on minorities. As we take a closer look into that statistic on crime, housing, employment along with racial profiling I do believe most are tied together which can easily cause a revolving door within the criminal justice system. When we look at the minority communities there are many challenges they are faced on a daily basis. Addiction and Crime: Incarceration: Employment: Racial Profiling: The use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone for crimes. Mental Health: Many individualsRead MoreAnalysis of Racial Profiling in the Criminal Justice System3223 Words   |  13 PagesAnalysis of Racial Profiling In the Criminal Justice System Police officers today face many challenges. Some concerns include dangers or safety concerns related to being a police officer, questions of the use of force and the public’s perception of officers being corrupt. Additionally, with cases of deaths and accusations that have come to the forefront about police throughout the United Stated, questions about police racial profiling have also come to light. Today’s police are considered toRead MoreRacial Profiling And The Criminal Justice Field On Ethical Issues Essay1766 Words   |  8 Pagesconduct that is expected of police employees. In any case, moral issues still emerge, for example, corruption for profit, code of silence, racial profiling and social status. The purpose of this paper is to provide contemporary ethical issues relating to policing and criminal justice. This essay will showcase the perceptions of two practicing professionals in the criminal justice field on ethical issues that they face while working in l aw enforcement. Additionally, it will provide my opinion on both DetectiveRead MoreRacial Profiling1321 Words   |  6 PagesANALYSIS OF â€Å"RACIAL PROFILING AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE† 1 Analysis of â€Å"Racial Profiling and Criminal Justice† Domenica Martinez Colorado Mesa University ANALYZING RACIAL PROFILING AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE 2 Research Question I chose to analyze article titled â€Å"Racial Profiling and Criminal Justice† which is written By Jesper Ryberg withinRead MorePolice Profiling And Its Effectiveness1317 Words   |  6 Pagescase about profiling (Whren Brown) and its effectiveness to reduce crime or not to reduce crime. b. Secondary Sentence i. Brief background into profiling and how it connects to the previously mentioned case, leading into the thesis. c. Thesis Statement i. Profiling is something that every person has or will do at some point in their life; some may even profile without even realizing it. There are various forms of profiling which will be discussed, along with the history behind profiling and howRead MoreRacial Profiling Is A Necessary Evil1100 Words   |  5 PagesRacial Profiling In order to understand racial profiling, it must first be correctly defined. Although different authors use different criteria for the term racial profiling, the definition for the word racial is â€Å"of, relating to, or based on a race The definition the dictionary puts forth for profiling is â€Å"the act of suspecting or targeting a person solely on the basis of observed characteristics or behavior.† Based on these definitions, racial profiling could be defined for criminal justice purposesRead MoreRacial Profiling in Canada1166 Words   |  5 PagesRacial profiling is the act of selecting targets for criminal investigation not on behavioural merit, but exclusively on markers of personal identity such as race, ethnicity, and religious orientation (Perry, 2011, p.9). In other words, racial profiling is the by-product of subjecting individuals who are from a particular racial community to a higher degree of scrutiny and surveillance by criminal justice system agents when c ompared to other racial communities (Wortley and Owusu-Bempah, 2011, p.135)

The issue of conflict stemming from religious reasons is...

The issue of conflict stemming from religious reasons is significant as well as current because most people in the world are religious: As of 2007, only around 11% of the world do not follow a certain religion. The diagram below shows the percentage of people in the world practicing each religion as of 2007. Nearly a third of the world live in countries with restrictions on religious beliefs and practices. These restrictions include government restrictions and social hostilities. Both have the potential to create clashes among people. Global Perspectives 2 500 A number of serious conflicts with religious aspects is taking place around the world, such as the Israel Palestinian conflict. The Israel Palestinian conflict is an ongoing†¦show more content†¦Muslims also teach that Muhammad passed through Jerusalem during his first journey to heaven, strengthening their belief of their rightful possession of Jerusalem. According to a report by the Strategic Foresight Group, the estimated opportunity cost of conflict in the Middle East from 1991 to 2010 is around 12 Trillion US dollars. It has also claimed 92,000 lives from 2000 to 2012 through wars, riots and attacks. Another example of a significant religious conflict is the partition of India. The partition of India took place in August, 1949, and created two new independent nations: India and Pakistan. The subcontinent was divided, to separate the countries in order to accommodate the religious differences of Hindus and Muslims, some of which are displayed in the table below. Muslims Hindus Strict monothiests (Believing in one God) Polytheistic (Believing in multiple Gods) Eats beef Do not eat beef Follows the Qu’ran Follows the Bhagavad Gita Hindus and Muslims did not mix with each other, did not intermarry, and were separate as blacks and whites were in the United States in the 1950’s. The primarily muslim sections of India became Pakistan, and the primarily Hindu sections became the republic of India. The partition of India left more than a million dead, fifteen million refugees and tens of thousands of abducted women. The results of the partition of India are still felt today; relations between the neighbouring countries remain tense. ItShow MoreRelatedThe Role Of Ethics And Differences For Nurses1613 Words   |  7 PagesAlthough they both want the best for their patients’ health, nurses are not met with the same high demands as doctors. The modern practice of medicine raises a plethora of complex issues, medical, ethical and legal and while the nurses is primarily focused on the patient, the doctor has much more to consider. Representatives from Industry: Insurance Companies Insurance companies are responsible for selling health care plans to people. When individuals, employers, organizations, and/or unions enrollRead MoreAnalysis Of William Faulkner s I Lay Dying 1713 Words   |  7 PagesWilliam Faulkner confessed â€Å"It’s much more fun to try to write about women because I think women are marvelous, they’re wonderful, and I know very little about them.† He did not attempt to disguise this amusement considering many of his works involve the presence of women who serve to be pivotal characters. Faulkner is known as one of the most prominent writers in the literary world. Faulkner is from the southern United States- Oxford, Mississippi, to be exact. His expertise was the Southern GothicRead More George W. Bush’s Language Comprising the War on Terror Essay5251 Words   |  22 Pagesthose issues he deems important. This paper will focus on the imagery, symbols, and metaphors that constitute George W. Bush’s rhetoric on the current â€Å"war on terror.† Through an examination of the language that the president employs when speaking about the war on terror, I will elucidate several different categories of rhetoric he uses to describe different aspects of this conflict. Though largely descriptive, I will briefly compare Bush’s current conflict rhetoric with the conflict rhetoricRead MoreMultiplicity Of Influences On Radical Group Boko Haram3098 Words   |  13 Pages2014 Abstract: Boko Haram is becoming an increasingly poignant issue on the world stage. There is much research looking to dissect the origins of the group, their motivation, and their goals, but there is no single accepted understanding. This paper looks to gather the different viewpoints to connect them and take a comparative look whether or not they can be compatible or contradictory. These views range from religion, to a manifestation of a class struggle and deprivation theory. OfRead MoreThe Family Mediation And Conflict Resolution Process4320 Words   |  18 Pagesfamily mediation and conflict resolution process and techniques. The student endeavored on an educational journey to study mediation within the context of families as a means of resolving conflicts without resort to adversarial means such as litigation. Focus and attention was given to family dynamics, child development, the Texas Family Code, family violence, and facilitating of communication and dispute resolution. The components and benefits of family mediation and conflict resolution were introducedRead MoreInfluence of Religion on Consumer Behavior and the Effects on Marketing4277 Words   |  18 Pagesinformation across borders, increases in consumer knowledge, sophistication and purchasing power, and easier access to and more widespread global media. Even if a firm chooses not to participate in globalization, they will feel the effects as firms from far reaching areas may choose to compete for and influence the purchasing decisions of the same customers. In order for firms to compete in the hyper-competitive global market and address the ever increasing expectations of consumers, it often takesRead More Religion and Cultural Identity Essays5058 Words   |  21 Pagescultural identity as the feeling of self-definition an individual has which is formed through a sense of belonging to a certain group. In this presentation I will be looking specifically at the effects of religion to this sense of cultural identity. Because of the colossal impact of religion in the countries surveyed the only accurate way to peek at how these people understanding themselves and their place in the world is to first have an understanding of the major religion or religions that are at workRead MoreThe Work Oriented Culture Of The Day2691 Words   |  11 Pagesprevalent. Many studies suggest that many people now meet romantic partners at work (Binetti 153). In the work-oriented culture of the day, â€Å"office romances and related topics of sex and privacy have become important issues confronted by most employers† (Wilson, Filosa, and Fennel 78). â€Å"A well-drafted, carefully implemented and widely disseminated corporate policy regarding fraternization among employees can provide substantial legal protection to employers† (Wilson, Filosa, and Fennel, 85). EmployersRead MoreSame-Sex Marriage and Religion: An Inappropriate Relationship8330 Words   |  34 Pagesmarriage has been a prominent issue in our society over many years now, appearing in several ballot initiatives such as California s Proposition 8. The idea of allowing two people of the same gender to enter into the institution of marriage has brought out drastic emotions and reactions from many different groups of people. Those who engage in the debate believe strongly in their convictions; the two loudest voices tend to come from the gay community and the religious community, the former arguingRead More Workplace Violence Essay4282 Words   |  18 Pagesto a person’s way of looking at the world. High levels of negatives affectivity have been shown to be statistically significant in predicting poor job performances. In other words, poor attitude tends to mean poor performance.( Perpetrators of workplace violence come from every level of society, so it’s not simply an economic or class issue. Some researchers suggest that workplace stress and feelings of unjust persecution seem to be the strongest factors

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High School, well i can only say that it’s the best experience while i am living in this planet, without high school, well, life is a bit of boring. Some person i met tells me that high school is the best, yeah i agree with them high school is the best, you know why i agree with them because today my college life is sucks, i think it’s too much intro, i will tell how my high school life changed me and why it’s one of the best part i’ll never forget.Being High School is the best part in my school days, more friends is the more happiness you experience but there is always an antagonists that will ruined your day and sometimes they are your teachers but not all the teachers some are in other school, i mean when it comes to a contest proving that who’s the best school in your small baryo, and including some of your friends that will not complete their day without teasing you and bullying you. We will write a custom essay sample on Does Life Get Better After High School? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Life through high school is an extraordinary feeling of every teenager that’s goes through it. People say that high school s the most exciting and happiest moments on a student’s life. I actually didn’t believe that before because I was in high school and doing many assignments and projects. I hated doing those because it took away the time that I suppose to be having fun. When I became a senior in high school that’s when I started to think that I guess those people were right. My parents to started to asked me about college and my plans after high school. I used to tell them â€Å"later† because I didn’t want to face the fact that I’m growing up. High school is a world where you no longer be treated as a child. This is the time when girls start to wear make up and boys turns into men. My high school life wasn’t always fun. I remembered those days that stayed up late to study for exams, tests and quizzes and writing research papers. It was also the time to meet new friends and build a friendship and shared laughter, cried together and had our moments.

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Abstract on Rose diseases Essay Example For Students

Abstract on Rose diseases Essay title = abstract on Rose diseasesDisease ControlMulti-Purpose Fungicide Daconil 2787 Plant Disease ControlThis product is widely used for broad spectrum disease control on lawns, ornamentals and listedfruits and vegetables. Controls many foliar diseases such as: rust, black spot, leaf spot, blights,anthracnose and powdery mildew as listed on the label. Also controls conifer diseases and lawndiseases such as brown patch, red thread, rust and dollar spot. Can be mixed with insecticides asspecified on the label to make a multi-purpose spray. WHAT IS POWDERY MILDEW?Powdery Mildew looks like white fuzzy powder that accumulates on leaves and stemspredominantly in spring, and again to a lesser degree in fall. It is actually a fungus that is spread bymillions of microscopic spores. It imbeds itself into tender new growth and feeds on the sap of theplant. By the time the naked eye can see the white powder, it has already invaded the plant tissueand is feeding and reproducing at a rapid pace. As it spreads itself on the surface, it eventually killsthe cells of the plant leaf, leaving the leaf rippled and curled. Mildew spores are everywhere in the garden in the air, the soil, on debris and on plant surfaces ready to sprout when the environment is just right. Warm days (50-80F) and cool nights withelevated humidity and resultant dew provide ideal conditions. Though humidity promotes fungalgrowth, it grows on DRY plant surfaces, unlike blackspot which requires immersion in water forabout seven hours in order for infection to take place. Tender new growth needs a chance to harden and develop its waxy coating that provides somewhatof a barrier to fungal growth. Therefore, the rosarian must provide protection for new spring growthon a weekly basis. CONTROLLING POWDERY MILDEWControlling mildew doesnt have to mean spraying the planet into oblivion. It includes plant genetics,cultural practices and something as simple as WATER. GENETICS: While rose hybridizers are chastised for breeding OUT fragrance, what they are tryingto accomplish is breeding IN disease resistance. For scientific reasons beyond explanation here, rosegenes dont contain both features its one or the other. Hence, you can expect either fragrant roseswith little disease resistance, or clean plants with little fragrance. Plants with glossy or waxy leavesare less susceptible to mildew, as the leaf surface is harder for spores to penetrate. Rugosas naturallypossess a high degree of disease and pest resistance. Where mildew is a constant problem, the choicein plantings can help prevent the need for extensive maintenance. CULTURAL PRACTICE: Planting bushes with sufficient space between them and away from wallsand fences will provide good air circulation which reduces the chances for mildew. The annual pruning event plays a major role in disease prevention. Stripping leaves from the bush atpruning time, and cleaning up debris in the garden contribute to a cleaner environment. Dormantspraying will at least wipe out last years spores, leaving only this years to contend with. Keeping thecenters of the bush open during the growing season will aid air circulation. Avoid the use of other plant materials with high mildew susceptibility, such as euonymus andtuberous begonias. Apply a thick layer of mulch in early spring to cover spores in the soil that mayhave wintered over. WATER is perhaps the most misconceived element surrounding powderymildew. Many gardeners still subscribe to the belief that you should NEVER get rose foliage wet. On the contrary, a high-pressure spray of water will remove mildew spores that havent imbeddedthemselves yet, and prevent them from germinating. Higher incidence of mildew during periods ofrain is caused by the moisture in the air and soil increasing the humidity that promotes mildew not by water on the leaves. Similarly, watering early in the day will allow the soil surface to dry outa bit before the cool night temperatures arrive, reducing humidity from moist soil. PREVENTION IS THE ONLY CUREOnce powdery mildew is apparent to the eye, it cant be eradicated. It simply must be prevented. Prevention is achieved by coating the plant tissue with something that provides a barrier to preventfungus from gaining a foothold and invading the plant tissue. Growth is so rapid in spring that theleaves unfolding THIS week wont be protected by what you sprayed LAST week. This is the reasonyou find application schedules of every 7-10 days on most fungicides, and the reason you mustfollow that schedule. The choice of what the SOMEthing is that you choose to spray is widening. Fungicides are the mostwidely used because they are chemically formulated to specifically combat fungus diseases. Recentreports of non- toxic, environmentally-friendly products such as baking soda and anti-transpirantsare proving very encouraging also. FUNGICIDES are any of a number of chemicals labeled to combat powdery mildew, and do so byinterfering with its metabolic life process, rendering it unable to grow and spread. Although theymust be in place on the plant before the spores arrive, they do have systemic action meaning theymove into the plant tissue providing a residual effect for a short period. Fungicides are available in many forms liquids (mix readily with water), emulsifiable concentrates(a thicker, usually milky substance), wettable powders (require thorough mixing prior toapplication). Each has its own properties, all are effective. Most, however, have a medium-to-highdegree of toxicity to humans. Extreme caution should be used to cover eyes, skin and hair, and use apainters mask or respirator during application. They are mixed at various rates, usually 1tablespoon per gallon of water, and require application every 7-10 days. BAKING SODA: New research shows that simple baking soda is a powerful weapon againstfungus-caused rose diseases, wrote Kristi Clark in her September 1992 American Rose Magazinearticle. In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of environmental concerns, more attention is beingpaid to finding alternative measures to widespread chemical use. Sodium bicarbonate(grocery-variety baking soda) was tested originally to determine its effectiveness in preventingblackspot. During the experiments, it was noticed that no powdery mildew was found on any of thetest roses. Controlled experiments were conducted for some three years, using sodium bicarbonate orpotassium bicarbonate in various combinations with insecticidal soap, Sunspray ultra-fine sprayoil, or only water. The result: both diseases were subdued by a weekly spraying of either sodium orpotassium bicarbonate at 3 teaspoons per gallon of water, combined with Sunspray at 2 tablespoonsper gallon of water. The bicarbonates eliminated the fungi, but addition of the Sunspray provided aspreader-sticker action that increased its performance. Sunspray is available commercially as Safer Sunspray. As Clark cautioned, do not attempt higherconcentrations of the solutions, as leaf burn may result. Rain or overhead watering may wash thesolution off, reducing its effect. ANTI-TRANSPIRANTS are another group of substances that hold promise as a non-toxic methodof controlling powdery mildew (as well as pests). Anti-transpirants are emulsions and acrylicpolymers that were developed to form an impermeable film on plant surfaces to substantially reducemoisture loss. Several brands are available; look for a white liquid, about the consistancy of milk. They are widely used on cut Christmas trees to retard drying and needle drop, and on plants toprovide protection from drought, heat, wind and transplant shock. Since the thin film preventstranspiration of moisture both in and out of the leaf it makes sense that it would also preventfungus spores from permeating the leaf surface. Some rosarians have used antitranspirants in combination with fungicides, and feel the combinationworks better than fungicide alone. Others have used it entirely alone, and find that it works very wellall by itself. Packaging directs us to water plants well and allow them time to take up the waterbefore spraying. Since anti-transpirants are NOT yet labeled for disease protection, there is noaccepted formula for application. They come in various concentrations that would require more orless dilution anywhere from 1 tablespoon to 1/2 cup per gallon of water. Again, frequency is notaddressed once a week once a month? At this stage its sort of experimental. If a residue is lefton the foliage (objectionable to you as an exhibitor) then reduce the ratio. Whether we choose the fungicide method or the non-toxic approach to controlling powdery mildewprobably depends upon the degree of severity we encounter on a regular basis. Regardless of theproduct selected, it must be used on a regular basis in the proper dilution to prevent fungal growthwithout damaging plant tissue. Art Expression EssayThe Heat Therapy Program at Florida Southern College Florida Southern Colleges heat therapyprogram was initiated with the following goals:1.To produce rootstock plants adapted to rose culture in Florida that are known to be free of RM,particularly Fortuniana and Fun Jwan Lo . 2.To rid commonly grown scion cultivars (including oldgarden rose cultivars) of RM. 3.To provide propagating material of rootstock and scion cultivars tonurseries interested in cooperating with the program, thus enabling Florida residents to purchasedisease-free plants on desirable rootstocks. 4.To maintain a RM-free garden for the preservation ofhealthy germplasm of the treated cultivars. The heat therapy procedures are similar to thoseemployed by the programs at the Oregon State University and the University of California at Davis. Infected scionwood is budded or grafted to Fortuniana rootstock and grown to a 2-gallon size plant. The potted plant is placed in a controlled-environment chamber, where the temperature is held at aconstant 38 C (100 F) for 21-35 days. The heat treatment does not cure the plant, but RM-freematerial can be obtained as follows: Axillary buds from the treated plant are budded onto RM-freerootstocks. Most of the axillary buds on the heat-treated plant will be free of RM. Once the newbudlings are growing, they must be tested to insure freedom from RM, a process known asindexing.We use three indexing methods:1.Mme. Butterfly Buds from the plant to be tested are budded to established plants of virus-freeMme Butterfly an older Hybrid Tea which shows brilliant mosaic symptoms when first infected. This is usually done in the autumn. The plant is allowed to grow a new flush of Mme. Butterflyleaves during the spring, and those leaves are observed for symptoms. 2.Shirofugen Buds from theplant to be tested are budded to branches of Shirofugen a Japanese flowering cherry tree. Roses andcherries are not graft-compatible, so the graft always dies. If the bud was not infected, the cherrybranch heals over, cleanly. But if the rose bud contained mosaic virus, the virus will be transferredto the cherry branch, which will react by producing a sticky, gummy oozing sap, and the areaaround the graft union will die. Cherry trees dont grow well in Central Florida, so we contract withthe University of California to do this test for us. We ship them budwood to be tested, in June. 3.ELISA Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay is a laboratory method, using rabbit antibodies. It is a quick (less than one day) laboratory test, and not only tells whether any virus is present, butcan often determine exactly which virus, and sometimes even which specific strain of a virus, ispresent. We contract with the Washington State University, to do this test, sending them leaf samplesin cool weather. The program at Florida Southern College is now nearly 10 years old. We have heat-treated and/orindexed hundreds of varieties, and now maintain more than 350 virus-free scion varieties, includingaround 200 old garden roses. We also have virus-free rootstocks, including Fortuniana Fun Jwan Loand Dr. Huey. Mosaic-free plant material is available to commercial nurseries for propagation, andit is through our cooperating nurseries that mosaic-free plants are available to the public. Summary and ConclusionsRose mosaic disease currently infects a large percentage of the roses grown in Florida, andthroughout the United States. While hobbyist growers and most nurseries lack the facilities to ridplants of the disease, cultivars can be freed of RM by a simple heat treatment program. FloridaSouthern College is engaged in such a program, and offers virus-free material to commercialnurseries, to the extent that time and facilities will permit. Since RM is believed never to spread bynatural means, there is no legitimate excuse for its continued existence in American rose nurseriesand gardens. While RM is not deadly or otherwise devastating to a rose bush, improved growth andmore flowers of higher quality may be expected from disease-free plants, so it is to a growersadvantage to seek out plants known to be free of the disease. 1.You cant cure it in your garden, but it is not going to spread from bush to bush. So there is nogreat need to dig up and destroy an infected bush . However, if you can find a virus-free plant of thesame variety, you might want to consider replacing the bush, to gain more vigor and greater flowerproduction. 2.If you do your own budding or grafting, remember that those procedures spread thedisease, so try to use virus-free scion wood and virus-free rootstocks. If you root cuttings ofFortuniana that sprouted out from the base of a grafted bush, remember that those cuttings willcontain the virus if the original bush was infected. Also, any scions collected from an infected bushwill produce infected plants, when propagated. 3.Remember that a complete lack of symptoms (i.e.,a healthy looking bush) is the normal situation for an infected plant. Just because a plant appears tobe healthy, even for several years, is no guarantee that it is indeed virus-free. Only indexing can tellyou for sure. 4.One of the major reasons so many nurseries are cleaning up their stock, in recentyears, is customer demand. Please support and commend nurseri es that produce clean plants. Encourage nurseries who dont, to begin growing virus-free roses. If they know it is important toyou, the customer, they will likely respond favorably. While I am not aware of any nursery which sells only virus-free plants, most of the nursery-membersof the CFHRS do grow at least some clean varieties, and will gladly tell you, if you ask, which oftheir stock is clean. It will be quite a long time until all of the commercially propagated heritageroses can be cleaned up, but weve made a good start. Heres a partial listing of older roses availablefrom our program, through retail nurseries:Insecticide chemicals have been linked to childhood immune disorders, nervous system problemsand hyperactivity. Chemicals commonly found in insecticides-like PCBs and DDT- can causenegative estrogen-like effects in some women, contributing to breast, ovary and uterus cancer. Homepesticide users may use an average of up to six times more pesticide per acre than farmers. Insecticide use has increased ten- fold since 1940, but insect induced crop losses doubled to morethan 13 percent. 25-50 percent of air sprayed pesticide does not hit the field and drifts into theenvironment, contaminating soil, water, and air. Pesticide residues on fresh produce can be reducedby thorough washings with water, removing outer leaves, peeling and cooking. However, not allresidues can be removed, especially residue from pesticides that enter fruits and vegetables throughthe soil. Pesticide chemicals remain in the environment long after they are no longerused-DDT, chlordane and heptachlor can linger in the soil for more than 20 years. Consumingorganically grown foods and using alternative pesticide control methods can effectively decreasechemical contamination of humans, animals and the environment.